Texas Local 100% Pure Raw Honey

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16 oz Glass Bottles with Muth - $ 12.00 ea.       $  10.00 each

   8 oz Glass Bottles with Muth - $   8.00 ea.       $     6.00 each

  4 oz Wildflower Variety Only -  $  5.50 ea.        $     4.00 each      

Wildflower Honey is A flavorful multi-floral honey from the Blacklands of Central Texas. Honey bees forage for late-spring and early summer nectar and pollen from wildflower beauties such as Indian Blanket, Horsemint and Coreopsis. From year to year the natural bee-blend in our CenTex Wildflower Honey will vary. Our vendors take care to harvest and deliver these small batch naturally sustainable honeys to you We only carry top quality, 100% Texas Pure Honey. Our vendors have been in business for up to 80 years. We have been told this honey is great for Central Texas allergy relief, or anywhere you need a natural touch of sweet.

Central Texas Clover Honey has a smooth light sweet flavor with a soft golden color. A popular table honey used as a sugar substitute. Clover honey is a rarity in Texas and we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to make a high quality low-elevation clover honey right here in Central Texas. Made with minimal interference from our trusted providers Central Texas Beehives.  Old fashioned glass 16oz muth jar sealed with a cork.

Tallow Tree honey is dark amber, rich with warm spices and has a sharp distinct smell.