Replace Sugar with Honey     


    Here is your conversion Chart 

Sugar                                   Honey

1/4 cup    use                     3 tbsp

1/3 cup    use                     3 tbsp

1/2 cup    use                    1/3 cup

  1   cup    use                    3/4 cup

  2   cups   use                1 1/2 cups


Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Clover, Tallow Tree & Sage


16 ounce Glass Bottles with Muth

  8 ounce Glass Bottles with Muth

  4 ounce Glass Bottles with Muth





Local Wildflower honey is a medium bodied honey that varies slightly from season to season. This honey is produced in our back yard.  Our bees are disbursed from Austin to Waco along the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country and throughout the Blacklands to the East of Interstate 35.




Clover Honey is the most widely produced honey in the United States.  This popularity is due to its abundance and overall appealing flavor.  Unlike most honey that is labeled “Clover”, Our Clover Honey is not a blend of clover and other honeys.  If you have never experienced pure Clover Honey, we invite you to try a sample or a jar. 


Our vendors are fortunate to be able to produce Clover Honey in several places in Central Texas. Many farmers and ranchers use clover to rebuild poor soil. As a nitrogen-fixing legume (pea family), clover is a natural soil builder and an excellent forage and hay plant as well. Keep your windows down on those balmy spring days and you just might smell one of those clover fields that our bees are feasting upon.


Price Each


$ 12.00 each

$   7.00 each

$   5.50 each






Orange Blossom Honey is packed with Flavenols (the stuff that you taste and smell) that explodes on your taste buds. Almost toffee-like in consistency and flavor, good straight from the spoon and is the perfect complement to hot tea. A wonderful addition to herbal tea and superb in your pecan pie. This sub-tropical specialty honey may come from Texas, California or Florida.


Sage Honey is unique as it crystalizes slower than other raw honeys and most chefs prefer this type of honey as it sweetens dishes without imparting much honey flavor.  Cold packed honey is 100% raw, unheated, unfiltered and packed in glass. 

Price each for 2 or more (any size)

$ 10.50 each

$   6.50 each

$   4.50 each






Tallow Tree  has a slight bitterness which balances the natural sweetness of honey, Tallow Honey is a medium to full-bodied honey. On the coastal prairie along the Texas Gulf Coast grows a tree that was introduced into the Houston area in the 1950s as an ornamental landscaping tree. The Chinese Tallow Tree (Triadica sebifera) has a beautiful red heart shaped leaves in the fall along the coast making it one of the few trees to show "true colors" in that area. Honey bees and beekeepers love it. The golden tags literally drip nectar from them mid-May to mid-June every year



Price each for 3 or more (any size)

$   9.00 each

$   6.00 each

$   4.00 each